The Money Tree

How it works

The "Money Tree" is a very simple and affordable way to promote your products or services to thousands of people in your area or to the world. It also helps your credibility by havine others provide positive testimolials and referrals.


Reputation management is here to stay. People want to do business with those who are known, liked and trusted. Those who have positive testimonials and referrals will receive more new business than those who have no testimonials or bad reviews. If you are not taking advantage of promoting your positive reputation know that your competition will be.

See an example

Take a look at an example profile page. Imagine the great impact a web testimonial page could have on your business. View an example

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Register with to start your own testimonials page. After you set up your MoneyTree landing page you will be able to publish information about your business, add video and or a business card and start adding testimonials.   Register now and  have NO hosting fees until next year! Plus you will receive lifetime hosting for only *$24.00 per year (regular $49 per year) starting January next year! Note: You can add the testimonials yourself or have your friends and customers do it for you by sending them directly to your page! Register now and save!

How to get Testimonials

After you have your landing page ready use your social media and existing customers to acquire positive testimonials. You can send them directly to your Money Tree page with your provided link or you can add them to your page on your own. Note: No testimonials will be public until you approve them! This keeps all testimonials positive on your page.

Sample Text to get Testimonials (copy/paste or use your own verbiage)

Hi ("Friends, Connections or Customers"). I have a "Money Tree" where I can list testimonials from those who would like to help me grow my business. I would appreciate your positive testimonial. Please go to: (insert your link here)

What's next?

After you have a few positive testimonials on your Money Tree start posting your link on social media, send to existing clients and add to email campaigns. Don't be surprised if you start receiving more referrals and new business!

Not sure if this is a good deal?

Do the math!

Bottom line! If you can't afford to have a "Money Tree" you can't afford to be in business!

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