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Business networking is a simple formula that will increase your business if you are honest about helping others. That being said business networking is a "marathon and not a sprint". You need to attend and support the networking groups you like and also support and help others without any expectation of receiving personal benefit. It may sound crazy . . . but it works! TampaBayNetworkers has different formats for you to choose from that can help you in your business.


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  • Louise harris

    I am a writer and trainer for social media. Since I became a TBN partner my business has grown and would advise anyone looking to grow their business to consider joining TampaBaynetworkers.

  • Walter Morey

    I attend several TampaBayNetworkers(TBN) meetings every week and TBN has provided me with quality business referrals for over 6 years. I would recommend attending TBN Meetings to anyone wanting to meet new people and grow their business.

  • Jim Bubenheim

    I have been a TBN-Partner for over 5 years and TampaBayNetworkers has helped my business (JB Effects) grow. If you are looking to grow your business by meeting new people you should attend a TBN Networking meeting. If you have any questions about TampaBaynetworkers contact me at 727.348.1865

  • Barb Deggans

    As a Realtor for Keller Willaims in the St. Petersburg area I joined TampaBayNetworkers to get in front of more new people more often. I quickly found out that TBN also created a great list of quality businesses that I could refer to my clients which helps keep me in their list of go to people. I would strongly advise anyone wanting to grow their business attend a Free TampaBayNetworkers meeting.