The Money Tree

About The Money Tree

Why "The Money Tree"?

Not unlike growing a tree you need to feed your business in order for it to grow and produce. One of the best ways to feed your business is by receiving positive testimonials and referrals. The "Money Tree" was developed to be a simple and affordable way to promote and grow your business utilizing positive testimonials and referrals.

How is "The Money Tree" different?

Do you use social media to promote your business? How many of your social media "friends and connections" actually know, like and trust you as a business? How many have actually done business with you or referred you business as a result of social media? I personally have over 3,500 "friends and connections" across different social media platforms. I would guess less than 150 of these "friends and connections" actually know me. This means more than 3,000 of these so called "friends or connections" will probably never do business with me. If you are receiving the majority of your business from social media I am not telling you to quit. But if you are spending a lot of time and possibly money on social media you may want to rethink how you are using it. "The Money Tree" is designed to work with your social media, emails, website and other ways you communicate with potential customers for less than the cost of a "Happy Meal" every month!

"Your best business comes from those who know, like and trust you."

You simply ask those who know, like and trust you to provide you with a positive testimonial to help you grow your business. Unlike social media you have total control as to what is posted on your "Money Tree" page.

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