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Business networking is a simple formula that will increase your business if you are honest about helping others. That being said business networking is a "marathon and not a sprint". You need to attend and support the networking groups you like and also support and help others without any expectation of receiving personal benefit. It may sound crazy . . . but it works! TampaBayNetworkers has different formats for you to choose from that can help you in your business.


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  • Dawn Laine

    I joined TampaBayNetworkers to meet more people and receive help in growing my business. I have attended other area meeting and i find the TBN-Power networking meetings to be much more engaging, educational and supportive. I encourage you to attend the TBN-Power networking meeting for your business.

  • Louise Harris

    Tampa Bay Networkers have helped me grow my business. Members are there to help you with your challenges. You get advice that increases your revenues if adopted. If you want to find out ways you can change your business for the better, you should join Tampa Bay Networkers, but you are allowed to attend any meeting without joining.

  • Walter Morey

    I attend several TampaBayNetworkers(TBN) meetings every week and TBN has provided me with quality business referrals for over 6 years. I would recommend attending TBN Meetings to anyone wanting to meet new people and grow their business.

  • Jim Bubenheim

    I have been a TBN-Partner for over 5 years and TampaBayNetworkers has helped my business (JB Effects) grow. If you are looking to grow your business by meeting new people you should attend a TBN Networking meeting. If you have any questions about TampaBaynetworkers contact me at 727.348.1865

  • Barb Deggans

    As a Realtor for Keller Willaims in the St. Petersburg area I joined TampaBayNetworkers to get in front of more new people more often. I quickly found out that TBN also created a great list of quality businesses that I could refer to my clients which helps keep me in their list of go to people. I would strongly advise anyone wanting to grow their business attend a Free TampaBayNetworkers meeting.